Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review - How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 1

It is important for a believer to have a strong belief in the Bible. We must adhere to its teachings and proclaim them every chance we get. That means that we must believe that what we find in Scripture is directly from God. When we talk to an unbeliever about the Bible we must give a clear defense of why we believe the Bible is God’s very word (I Peter 3:15).

In the book How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 1 is a resource that covers many areas concerning Scripture and shows us how the Bible is the only true word of God. The authors discuss topics ranging from how we can trust both testaments in Scripture, evolution, the resurrection, polygamy and other religions to name a few.
These guys write in a clear and convincing manner. You don’t have to have attended seminary to understand how the authors explain these complex topics (which many other books like these can be to academic). You will find yourself uses the arguments in this book in your discussions with others about the Bible.

If you want a resource to deepen your belief in the Bible then pick this book up.
Disclaimer - I received this resource free from New Leaf Press.  All that was required of me is that I review it, positively or negatively, on my site.