Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review - Calvin's Commentaries

Commentaries provide a wealth of information to a student of the Bible. We can turn to them when we encounter a passage in Scripture that gives us pause. We can also use them to understand a particular point of view. Both of those can be found in John Calvin’s 22 volume commentary set.

John Calvin was one of the great reformers of the church. He devoted himself to preaching and teaching God’s Word. Throughout his life he wrote about the doctrines we find in Scripture. His Institutes of Christian Religion is a classic and his commentaries are excellent as well.

He is most known for his teaching on the doctrines of grace, or better known as Calvinism. In this commentary set you will find those doctrines expounded throughout. This shouldn’t be a hindrance to anyone who objects to that teaching because there is so much more in this commentary set than those doctrines. Also, this will give you a better understanding of those doctrines which is a good thing.

As I prepare to teach Sunday School or preach a sermon I turn to Calvin as much as anyone else. His commentaries are an invaluable tool in my Bible study and will be in yours. Your faith will grow as you sit under Calvin’s teaching.

The only books of the Bible Calvin didn't write a commentary on are 2 and 3 John and Revelation.

As an added bonus, you will receive a copy of his Institutes when you order through Christianbook or Amazon. Christianbook has them at an amazing price. Don’t pass up this commentary set.