Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review - Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur

Revelation is the most neglected book in all of Scripture. Yet it is the only book in the Bible that has a blessing associated with reading, hearing and doing what is found in it. Obviously we are blessed for doing those things with entire Bible but Revelation specifically gives one. Revelation begins (1:3) and ends (22:7) with that blessing. So we need to give as much attention to Revelation as we do any other book of the Bible, yet so many of us don’t.

John MacArthur has written Because the Time is Near to help fellow Christians understand Revelation. As he always does he writes in a manner is understandable to the average reader. He takes the deep things found in a text and explains them in clear and concise way. Another given with MacArthur is his use of Scripture to explain Scripture. You get more cross references in this commentary than with most.

For the sections of Revelation that are do not have consensus on its meaning, MacArthur give a variety of views of the passage, then tells you his. Whether you agree with his final conclusion you will appreciate his handling of the text.

MacArthur breaks each topic found in Revelation into sub-topics to take the reader deeper into the text, a writing style that is invaluable. It makes studying this book easier and to come back to later.

This is not part of his commentary set that includes two volumes of commentary on Revelation (those go even deeper into the text). With that said I highly recommend this book. You will gain so much insight into the last book of the Bible you will want to read the other editions found in the aforementioned commentary set.