Monday, April 25, 2011

Review - The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge

If there is one characteristic of the Christian faith that most are missing it is joy - deep, everlasting, Godly joy. Not joy based on circumstance but grounded in Christ. Stephen Altrogge in his book The Greener Grass Conspiracy uses humor and wit to equip believers in the struggle to find joy in all things. He begins with the premise that Christians are to be the most joyful people yet sadly we aren’t. We believe like the world that if our wildest dreams come true we would find joy when in reality we will still be unsatisfied.

I found the chapter titled “Count Your Blessings - Literally” to be the most convicting. He shows us how, even in our toughest trials, there is much joy to be experienced. In one example he shows that when we hit our thumb with a hammer we should be thankful that we have a thumb to be hit because there are many who don’t. He also hits hard at the fact that those living in America have blessings that most of the world doesn’t have but we have less joy than they do.

This is a book that people, no matter how much joy you have, will benefit from. It will change your perspective on many areas in your life, particularly those that seem joyless.

Here is a link to a promotional video for the book. You can purchase it at Christianbook or Amazon.

Disclaimer - I received this book free from Crossway in exchange for a review, positive or negative, on my site.


  1. Hey David..

    I was commenting to Brandy the other day that most people only read books that agree with what they already believe. I was expressing what a narrow world view one could get from doing just that. To which...she pointed out that that's exactly what I do!! To which I pointed out..she's is absolutely correct. Although I do listen to a lot of christian apologetic podcast, I haven't really read anything I would consider "christian" in nature in a few years, since my actual "deconversion" from Christianity.

    I need to change that. If you could recommend one good christian book to read, I will locate/buy a copy and read it... (if possible..keep it under 500 pages ;> ).

  2. A book by Tim Keller titled The Reason for God comes to mind. He is a good writer and a better speaker.

    I also think it is important to know what the "other side" believes so that I'm better informed.

    Thanks for continuing to ready my reviews and ramblings.

  3. Thanks David! I found this book on amazon for 5.75 or so. I look forward to reading it.